A timeless cocoon where you can breathe and take care of yourself.

The Son de Mar Spa combines the kindness and gentleness of an intimate setting with therapeutic expertise, to reconnect with well-being true to the hotel's special atmosphere.

Whether you come to enjoy a Turkish bath inspired by the ancient thermal baths, a diagnosis or a facial care by CODAGE Paris, we simply relax there.

Come to this confidential place, a true haven of peace, where you can disconnect without leaving the village.

Codage Spa Hotel Porto Vecchio Saint Cyprien



Spa Codage Hotel Porto Vecchio Saint Cypprien

Founded in 2010 by Julien and Amandine Azencott, CODAGE Paris revisits the approach to skincare offering each skin a fully personalized nutritive formula. Inspired by the codes of the traditional pharmacy, the brand offers tailor-made care to be composed according to the specific needs of each person, the desires of the moment, the rhythm of the seasons... and of life.

Thus the company has developed its own range of Nutri-Elements that you can combine to obtain a 100% personalized serum: moisturizing, soothing, repairing, detoxifying or even firming active ingredients.


Exceptional treatment experiences await you at the Son de Mar Hotel Spa.

Thanks to the combination of cocktails of active ingredients, you will be able to release tension, relax, prepare your skin for the sun, soothe it, restore its radiance, and simply take care of yourself.
• Face & Body Experience By CODAGE• Face Experience By CODAGE• Body Experience By CODAGE• Body Experience - Massages of the World - Son de Mar• Young Travelers Experience - Son de MarTreatments are only on reservation at least 12 hours before the desired time and guaranteed after confirmation from the hotel.
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