From its nearby white sand beach to its in land outdoor activities, the area offers countless exaltation opportunities.

Water sports or outdoor activities enthusiast, you will find your happiness right by the hotel.Just across the street you will be able to reserve a bike, or take a quick walk to the beach and rent a boat. Our team will guide you to make sure your stay in Corsica is memorable.


Only a 100 meters from your room, the crescent lagoon of San Ciprianu reveals its 1001 water activities to satisfy the hedonists in search for a mellow time, or the ones seeking a thrill : paddle, kayak, catamaran or windsurf rentals, jet ski excursions, scuba diving or wakeboarding and waterskiing.In the mood for relaxing ? Lay your towel by the salt water pond of Arasu and let yourself drown in the lapping sound of the waves.

Activités en mer hotel Son de Mar

The Gulf of Porto Vecchioand its beaches

San Ciprianu, Cala Rossa, Pinarello, Tramulimacchia, Benedettu, Porto Novo and also Palombaggia, Santa Giulia, Rondinara or even Fautea… All names evoking sunny afternoons, fine sand and crystal clear water. During your stay at the hotel, make sure to discover each of these beautiful nearby beaches. Enjoy Pinarello with its little pine forest and its square Genoese tower or Santa Giulia with its natural reserve of wild birds. Each beachstands out with its own personality. Both offer sunbeds, beach umbrellas and water activities, as well as areas bare of any human presence. A closer look reveals also the hidden coves.Need advice ? Ask away.

Découverte plage sud Corse hotel Son de Mar
Découverte des zones humides du sud de la Corse

Wetlands andNatura 2000

The micro-region can boast about its 4 protected natural spaces of rare beauty.

The Lavu Santu marshland and the coastline of Fautea, Padulu Tortu in Pinarello, the islands of Pinarello and Roscana and finally, at the gates of the Son de Mar hotel, the Arasu pond, the Cornuta and San Ciprianu islets and the Punta Capicciola. Classified as sites of Natura 2000, these fragile areas offer remarkable endemic vegetation and fauna to preserve. Natural lovers will not stay indifferent to these precious landscapes made of small shrubs, cork oaks, junipers, pines, sand and streams.


Activités en montagne sud Corse

The Cavu Valley

Only a few kilometers away from the Son de Mar, the Cavu Valley offers hiking trails and countless activities for all tastes and the whole family (tree climbing, zipline, paintball, electric scooter, electric bike, etc.)Magnificent at all times of the year, the Cavu river invites daydreaming, long walks or even swimming ! Its white granite rocks form wonderful naturalpools in which both children and adults love to bask.

Visite de Bavella et l'Ospedalle

Bavella & the Ospédale

Wilderness enthusiast, let’s head inland. The Ospedale forest located near the hotel (30min drive), the mountain chain of Bavella (1h15) as well as the Cuscionu upland further away (2h), are calling out to you. You will enjoy the mountain's crisp and fresh air, its enchanting setting and welcoming atmosphere.

Take a walk around for leisure on the different marked trails: the Piscia Di Ghjaddu waterfall, the ‘bomb hole’, A Punta Di Vacca Morta, the GR20 variation trail… Our team will be able to advise you, should you need a hiking guide.

Feeling adventurous ? Discover the various activities offered there : canyoning trails exploring the natural pools of Bavella, mountain bike, guided or non-guided quad ride, tree climbing in between the pines of Lariccio, or even a “via ferrets” for the most audacious ones!

Let yourself be mesmerized by the beautiful Corsican maquis.


Activités terre et visite du patrimoine Corse

The Genoese towers of the gulf

The tower of San Ciprianu, of course, but also the ones of Pinarello, Benedettu and Fautea were all built between the 15th and early 17th century during the Genoese occupation of Corsica. These high stone tours, round or square, with minimalist architecture, surround the coastline from North to South. They embody a true heritage jewel. Some of them can be visited, others admired from afar. With their machicolations, terrasses, or lookout windows, all bearing witness to a tumultuous past full of piracy and barbarian invasions.

Visite des tours Génoises sud Corse
Découverte de Bonifacio hotel sud Corse


Perched on its high cliffs, the city of Bonifacio is a “must see” in the region. Its natural charms are countless, as the city looks straight out of a work of art. Shades of blue, limestone rock, caves and other wonders create the most unique landscape.

We recommend a boat tour to discover its caves and the Lavezzi islands, with no need of an introduction. A walk along the cliffs will offer a breathtaking view of the horizon, with the island of Sardinia in the distance. As for the city, you will enjoy the medieval aspect of its narrow streets and the exhilarating activity of its marina.


Overlooking the Rizzanese valley, the city of Sartene is a 1h30 drive from San Ciprianu. The little city is known for being called “the most Corsican of the Corsican cities” by Prosper Merimée. The old town of Sartène is by far the most worth visiting. You can access it through a vaulted passage (an old Genoese drawbridge), and wander through a fascinating ancient world. Tall stone houses, paved ground, watchtower and other steep paths, offercharming little shops for the delight of its visitors.

Visite de Sartene hotel 4 étoiles