Rules of procedure


Home of children
The hotel does not have the right to rent a room to a number of people exceeding the capacity of the room, even if it is a child. However, there is a tolerance for a baby, who does not have the ability to evacuate the premises on his own, given his age (up to about 3 years old).
The reception of children in the parents’ room can be done with supplement when the hotel has rooms with the capacity to accommodate them.

Home of animals
The hotel does not accept pets on its premises, with the exception of guide dogs or assistance dogs for people with disabilities. No supplement is requested.

Reception of the minor customer
The hotel may receive a minor guest and may ask the parents or guardians to provide, when booking and before any confirmation, an authorization / disclaimer.

police card
The hotel is obliged to have a customer who does not have French nationality complete and sign a police form. To do this, the hotel asks the customer to present an identity document in order to fulfill this legal obligation. A copy of the identity document can be made with the customer’s agreement.


The prices of the products or services available for sale are expressed in euros and include all taxes.


The opinions submitted must comply with the regulations in force and in particular must not give rise to defamation, denigration or insult. In addition, hotel employees cannot be named in reviews for obvious privacy reasons.


Within the framework of the hotel contract, the customer, by agreeing to take a room, undertakes to respect the provisions of these internal rules of the hotel and to use the room as a “good father” and in accordance with the development commitments. of the hotel if applicable.
The customer must:
– respect the general ban on smoking;
– respect the ban on smoking in non-smoking rooms. A customer who contravenes this rule must pay the hotel compensation corresponding to the cost of cleaning and smoke extraction from the room, for a maximum amount of one night;
– respect the maximum capacity of people in the room, for fire safety reasons;
– respect other hotel guests: any noise from the neighborhood linked to the behavior of a person or thing in their care or of an animal placed under their responsibility, where applicable, may cause the hotelier to invite the customer to leave the establishment, without the need for acoustic measurements, when the noise generated is likely to affect the tranquility of the customers (articles R.1334-30 and R. 1334-31 of the Public Health Code);
– allow access to the room at least once a day, so that the hotel staff can clean it or for security reasons.

Any behavior contrary to the above provisions may lead the hotelier to ask the customer to leave the establishment without any compensation and without any refund if payment has already been made.

For legitimate reasons, the hotel has the freedom not to receive customers:
– whose dress is indecent or neglected,
– whose behavior is noisy or incorrect,
– whose behavior is contrary to morality and public order.
The hotelier may have to call in the police if necessary.


The personal information provided by customers to the hotel is necessary for the management of their file, and in particular for the proper processing of their reservation and the sending of information on the products and services offered by the hotel. Pursuant to the amended law of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms, the customer has the right to access and rectify his data collected by contacting the hotel management.
The hotel undertakes to use personal data in accordance with the regulations in force.


The regulations relating to the repression of public drunkenness and the protection of minors prohibit:
– sell alcoholic beverages to minors,
– receive or serve people who are obviously drunk (i.e. drunkenness obvious to everyone),
– dispensing alcoholic beverages through vending machines.
The hotel may require the presentation of an official document attesting to the majority of the customer (article L.3342-1 of the public health code) in order to be able to serve him alcoholic beverages.


Pursuant to Article L.3341-1 of the Public Health Code, a person found drunk in public places such as a hotel may be taken by the police to the gendarmerie the closest.
As a result, the hotelier can call the police if a client who is obviously intoxicated behaves in such a way as to affect the safety, peace or respect of others.
The hotelier may also call on the police in the event of a risk of aggression or harm to the physical integrity of others, whether with regard to his staff or his customers.


A person who does not pay for his drinks, food or accommodation is guilty of the offense of trickery punishable by 6 months’ imprisonment and a fine of 7,500 euros (article 313-5 of the penal code).


If, when confirming the reservation, no time is specified to the customer, the practice is that he can access his room from 5 p.m. (DGCCRF) and that he releases it no later than 12 p.m. the day of departure. Any overrun of this period results in the invoicing of an additional night at the displayed public rate.


The hotel can offer its customers the rental of a meeting room on request.


Even in the event of a long stay, the customer must leave access to the room at least once a day so that the hotel staff can clean it or for security reasons. In any event, the hotelier may at any time carry out the maintenance and repairs necessary for the proper functioning of the hotel.
The customer who wishes to stay for a long period must pay his bill every week.


For obvious security reasons, it is forbidden for the customer to bring and use in the room his gas or electric appliances such as: stoves, coffee makers, etc.
In-room food delivery is not permitted. For hygienic reasons, the customer cannot store food in his room, including in the minibar.


The hotel provides its customers a free car park.


If a customer does not pay his bill, the hotelier has, in accordance with article 2332 of the civil code, a privilege which relates to the effects brought by the customer in the hotel (luggage, car parked in the car park of the hotel, etc.).
The guaranteed debts are all the services which the customer has benefited from during his stay.
This privilege is accompanied by a right of retention which allows the hotelier to keep the client’s belongings as long as he is not paid. If the exercise of this right is no longer possible, a seizure-claim can then be opened.


The hotel provides its customers with Internet access.
The customer must use the Internet connection in accordance with the law in force and in particular respect the intellectual property rights of third parties to which he has access due to the use of the connection (texts, images, videos, sounds or any other protected element) and do not illegally download files. In the event of non-compliance with these obligations, the customer may be charged with the offense of counterfeiting punishable by a fine of 300,000 euros and 3 years of imprisonment.